5 Reasons Why Service Dogs Change Lives

Service Dogs have major uses for disabled owners. They are specially trained to provide a task for their mobility restricted owners. These animals are legally allowed anywhere their owners are, this includes airplanes, restaurants and stores.

If you are someone you know could use a service dog then those dogs should be certified. Certified service dogs are much more than just companions. They undergo special training to learn to perform tasks providing relief to their owner’s disabilities. In many cases, they enable their owners to attain safety and independence that would otherwise be unthinkable.

The Americans with Disabilities Act ADA, describes service dogs as dogs being trained to work or perform tasks for people who have disabilities. When undergoing training, the dogs learn skills that are directly relate to the handler’s disability. Under the ADA, dogs who only provide emotional support or comfort do not qualify as service animals.

Specially trained service dogs perform complex tasks such as:

  • Guiding the blind,
  • Alerting deaf people to certain sounds,
  • Opening doors or cupboards for people in wheelchairs,
  • Alerting handlers of impending seizures and
  • Helping veterans during PTSD-related panic attacks.

Service dogs can accompany their human handlers everywhere, even in areas where pets generally don’t have access. However, business owners reserve the right to ask that a service pet be removed from the premises. This can happen if the dog is not under the handler’s control or if it is not housebroken.

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