Pet Play Dates at the Park

At dog parks or patio bars, when the sun is up dog owners get active outdoor with their dogs. Have you noticed dogs typically get along with certain other dogs and not so much with some others? Pet owners to get along more with some other pet owners. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could be notified when your dogs favorite buddy is out at the park or when your neighbor, yea the one who get your vibes is out walking their dog? Now there is an mobile app that allows you to build your pets favorite network of pets.

Petluvs’s smart phone application allows easy to set up playdate events at any venue and notification system allows pet owners to inform multiple users of your dogs time at the park. Never me alone at the dog park again, your dog will not have to leave a unsocial life cause your schedule may be busy. Be alerted whenever your pets friends are hanging out and get active with your pet. An active pet is a healthy pet.

Why stop at making friends for your dog, how about yourself? Single and ready to mingle? This mobile app lets owners add other pet owners in your pet network, feel shy asking people out, suffering the “I must met her/him” dilemma. Break the ice with pet play dates. Even your cat could use a buddy to play with? How about a partner for your rabbit. Find them all here.

Further, Petluvs mobile app allows users to find pet service providers in their locality. Groomers, Pet sitters, pet trainers, dog walkers all can you found here in this app. Not only can you find them on this app, you could be that provider to other pet owners of these services. Grow your pet service business, get reviews from clients, grow a professional rapport on this app.

Concluding there are great new experiences out there if you are a pet owner or have a pet business. Do not settle for over priced pet service providers that are not even in your locality. Help support your local businesses and help them grow. Local businesses are know to better care for your pets than larger corporate outfits. Download Petluvs mobile application on your smart phone and help your community grow.

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